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  Busuanga has fast become known for it's excellent wreck diving . 14 wrecks are discovered, all in diveable depths.
This makes Busuanga Island the best wreck diving destination in Asia. 
For a wreck site description, simply click the sketches below, for details on each dive
Akitsushima coron bay Busuanga east tangat wreck irako in Coron Bay Busuanga Philippines  
       kogyo maru Coron Bay Busuanga Palawan kyogozan maru Busuanga Palawan Philippines lusong wreck                              
olympia maru Coron Bay Busuanga taei maru Okikawa Coron Busuanga Philippines  
nanshin maru Black Island Busuanga Philippines FANTASTIC WRECKS !!!  tangat wreck Morozan Maru Coron Busuanga Philippines

Dive into History

September 1944. The US Third Fleet, under the command of Admiral "BULL" William Halsey aboard the US S New Jersey, began moving toward the Philippines Islands. Task Force 38 was involved in carrying out air strike's against Japanese targets in the Philippines. 

In the early morning,  24. Sept. 1944, 05:50 am,  the TF 38 took off on a flight,  the target area 350 miles (!) away from there Aircraft  carriers . A total of 120 aircraft's, F6F HELLCAT fighters and SB2C Hell Diver Bombers been on there way  to CORON BAY. This was at this time the longest air raid in history

At 9.00 am the Planes reached Busuanga Island, found 15-18 large enemy ships anchored in SANGAT  BAY. Only 45 Minutes later they left SANGAT  BAY, leaving behind a hell of burning oil, manganese and exploding ships.


Today, 14 Wrecks are located in dive able depths (between 5 and 40 meters). Most of the sunken vessels are sized  between 100 - 200 meters of length. The only  handicap can be the visibility at many of the wrecks. Average visibility is 15 m (+/ - 10 m) and is affected by tides. Best conditions are during quarter moon and/or at high tide. 

Busuanga Island!  ASIA'S  BEST WRECK DIVING 





Just 15 Minutes away from the Dive Center

Japanese refrigeration ship, displacement 9,570 tons, length about 200 metersIrako japanese refrigeration ship sunk in Busuanga . Irako wreck in Coron Bay Busuanga Philippines
Position: Sangat Bay, Busuanga Island

Quite intact, big wreck body. Big groupers, shoals of tuna and yellow fins, Lion fish & scorpion fishes living around this wreck.

Max. depth: Deck level 28 - 40 meters. Recommended education level: Advance Diver, specialty Deep Diver, specialty Wreck diver.

Recommended !!

  Okikawa Maru  (former Taiei Maru)  Okikawa Maru wreck in Busuanga near Concepion town
Thanks to Prof. Yamada Japan for the Pictures
Just 4 Minutes away from the Dive Center

Japanese tanker, about 200 m long.

Position: Entrance to Puerto Del Sol Bay, Busuanga Island

The largest and most enjoyed wreck dive in Busuanga. The Tanker  is totally covered with beautiful corals and offers a large variety of marine life. For wreck divers the dive trough the propellor shaft and the tank systems is awesome!  For beginner divers it's a great wreck to explore at moderate deeps.Okikawa Maru fromer taiee Maru wreck in Conception Busuanga

Depth range from 9 meters to max. 26 m. The deck is between 9 m and 16 m. There are many penetration possibilities for wreck divers as well. ATTENTION !! Strong tide currents often affect this wreck. Recommended. education level: 1. Diving outside the deck with no strong current. Open Water Diver 2. Penetration and / or current. Advanced Open Water Diver, Wreck specialty Diver.


Olympia Maru (former Tangat Wreck )

Just 15 Minutes away from the Dive Center

Japanese freighter sitting upright with a length of approx. 110 meters.Olypimpia Maru ship wreck in Coron Busuanga Philippines
Position: Sangat Bay, Busuanga Island.

A very good dive spot with a variety of marine life. Large shoals of Banana fishes, Giant Bat fishes and giant puffer fishes, especially around the mast, bow and stern. Easy penetration at the cargo rooms. It offers a good opportunity to discover wreck diving.

Max. depth: 28-30 m, Deck level 18-24 m. Recommended. education level: Advanced Open Water Diver, Wreck specialty Diver

EAN Nitrox diving


Akitsushima shipwreck in Coron Busuanga Philippines The AKITSUSHIMA

Just 10 Minutes away from the Dive Center

Japanese Seaplane Tender 118 m long.
Position: Busuanga Island, near Manglet Island.  Akitsushima ship wreck in Coron Busuanga Philippines

The AKITSUSHIMA a real warship lies on her starboard side. She was hit amidships and had sank immediately. The flying boat disappeared. Impressive is the Crane who was lifting the seaplane in the water. This big Metal construction is lying on sandy bottom and attracts shoals of giant Bat fishes and Barracudas. Let you show from our guides the AA-guns. A fascinating dive where you can see giant groupers, shoals of barracudas, tunas and yellow fins.
Max. depth is 36-38 m, average about 26-28m. Recommended. education level: Adv. Open Water Diver, Wreck specialty Diver .

Just 20 Minutes away from the Dive Center

Japanese freighter, about 140 m long, lying on her starboard site. WRECK KOGYO
                                                Position: Sangat Bay, Busuanga Island

In the large cargo rooms, you can still see loaded construction materials, a cement mixer and even a bulldozer! On the deck anti-aircraft weapons can still be seen. In certain places, the wreck is easy to penetrate. On the port side there are many corals and variety of fish life. Many Grouper (Lapu-lapu) living around the wreck.
Max. depth: 34 m, average 24-26m Recommended. education. level: Adv. Open Water Diver, Wreck specialty Diver.


Just 30 Minutes away from the Dive Center

Japanese Tanker approx. 40-50 m long, sits upright on sandy bottom.

Position: Close to the Black Island Beach, in front of the stranded vessel..

This dive site is perfect for a wreck dive beginners and underwater photographer. It is a beautiful dive in most clear water. You can witness plenty of Scorpion and Lion fishes, Trumpet fish, Groupers, Bat fish and ... and ... and ... It is also a great night dive.
Max. depth: 32 meters. The wreck starts in 21 meter deep water. Recommended education level: Advanced open water Diver, Wreck specialty Diver.

Recommended !!


The Gunboat (at Tangat)  Auxiliary sub-chaser

Just 20 Minutes away from the Dive Center

A gunboat or submarine hunter. Approximately 35 meter long.Gunboat in the Coron Bay Busuanga Philippines
Position: Close to the Tangat Island.

This dive site is good for wreck dive beginners and underwater photographer. It is also a lovely dive between deeper wreck sites. The wreck starts at only 3 meters down so even snorkeling can see the shape and explore the bow of the ship.

Max. depth: 18 meters. Recommended education level: Open Water Diver.


KYOKUZAN MARUKyokuzan Maru ship wreck in Busuanga Philippines

Japanese freighter approximately 160-180 meter long.
Position: Northeast of Busuanga Island.

This is a beautiful wreck dive experience. More or less intact, this huge sunken ship usually offers good visibility of about 20 meters and ideal diving condition. In the cargo rooms Japanese staff cars and trucks are can be found.

Max. depth: 40 meters on the bottom. The deck level lies between 22 and 28 meters. Recommended education level: Advanced Diver, Wreck Specialty Diver.

Recommended !!

  The Gunboat at Lusong Island
Just 15 Minutes away from the Dive Center

A Gunboat or submarine Hunter. The stern breaks the surface at low tide.Gunboat ship wreck near Coron Island Busuanga Philippines
Position: In front of Lusong Island.

This wreck is great for snorkeling. It starts on the surface with a maximum depth of 9-10 meters. It is nicely covered with hard corals and offers a nice variety of fish live. The are also good opportunities for wreck dive photographers or as a "dive between dives".

Max. depth: 9 meters. Recommended education level: Skin diver, Open water diver.



The fishing boat

Location: Coron Island

A recently sunken fishing boat; approx. 35 meter long at Coron Island, near the entrance of the Cayagan Lake. An easy wreck dive site for all beginners or/and in combination with the Coron drop. It is also a very interesting night dive site.
Max. depth: 16 meters. Recommended education level: Open Water Diver.

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